Electrical Services

Larcon strives to provide quality and comprehensive electrical services for every business and home where we work. Larcon only hires the most qualified people and our team constantly learns and grows through experience on the job and with clients.

Once our employees are hired they consistently receive updated and ongoing training to make sure our electricians operate professionally, and most importantly, safely. Larcon consistently works with our employees and clients to insure our quality of professionalism is always top tier. 

If you want to talk to our amazing team, feel free to reach out at 806.745.5012.  


Electrical Safety

Ensuring the safety of your family is one of the most important goals to Larcon. We consistently and frequently change out, and install GFCI receptacles and child safe outlets to help give you peace of mind.

Grounding for the purposes of safety is one our most valued assets in the industry.  Have one or our technicians evaluate the ground system in your home or business to ensure it is done properly. 

Torqueing and tightening of electrical components that can become loose overtime can add an extra bit of security against overheating or fire.

Smoke detectors have a typical life span of ten years, when was the last time you replaced yours.

Electrical Installation

No project is too big nor too small for our amazing team of electricians. We routinely repair exterior lighting (including pole lighting), replace interior lighting, troubleshoot existing problems, and repair damaged wire or conduit.

We mostly work with commercial installations remodeling existing facilities or building ground up establishments.  We have done everything from apartment complexes, high-rise renovations, Churches, restaurants, and Theatres all the way to small kitchen remodels and new homes.  There is nothing that we do that we don’t do with pride.

You can check out our commercial work in our commercial gallery.

Lighting Design

They say first impressions matter, and for companies, proper lighting is one of the most important factors in bringing in business. Studies have shown that bad lighting has a naturally bad impact on people’s psychological views of your business, so at Larcon we make sure to install the lights that will have an immediate positive impact on your potential customers.

Larcon specializes in commercial and residential lighting, and all that comes with it including; LED retrofits, ballast replacement, bulb replacement, recessed lighting, track and accent lighting, and a lot more than can be viewed in our gallery!


Lighting is one of the most important things for a business, it can be the difference between a break in or even if someone wants to shop with you! Check out our commercial gallery!


Lighting can have a drastic impact on the mood people feel when they’re in your home, so check out how we can help by checking out our Residential gallery!


Big machines come with big risks, so you have to be able to see what you’re doing, so check out our industrial gallery and see what we’ve done to make the work environment much safer!

We Can Help

Larcon Electric would love to get to help you with all of your electrical needs today!