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Larcon Electric, L.C. History

_My_Best_FriendAs a young man, Larry Anderson was encouraged by a friend to attend electrical apprenticeship school.  Having some previous electrical experience, Larry took his friend’s advice, attended and graduated from the school, and worked approximately 25 years as an electrician for other companies.  It was at that point that he decided to earn his Master Electrician’s license and in July of 1975, founded Larcon Enterprises with his wife, Connie.

Larry did most of his work by himself for the first year, getting help from his two sons, Cary and John, during the summer months when they were out of school.  He later hired one or two employees as his workload began to increase, and today, Larcon Electric, L.C. averages 12-15 employees to keep up with the electrical contracting business.  In addition, many electricians have trained under Larcon’s apprenticeship program, several gaining the skills and confidence to move on to businesses of their own.

Annice Stephens, Business Manager, came to work for Larcon Electric, L.C. in October 1987, and together with Larry, developed a good system of computerized bookkeeping and Business Management.  She carries full responsibilities of the Business’ office operations.

Brian Winn, General Manager and Estimator, has been with the Company since 1995.  He attended the Independent Electrical Contractors apprenticeship school, earned his Journeyman Electrician license in 1999 and his Master Electrician license in 2003.  Brian is responsible for project estimating and for all of the field operations of the Company.

In March, 1996, Larcon formed the Limited Liability Company of Larcon Electric, L.C., with Larry as majority owner in partnership with his two sons, Cary and John.  A few years later, Cary and John passed their ownership to Brian Winn and Annice Stephens.  Larry later set his sights toward retirement, and in January 2009, he sold a portion of his business to Brian and Annice.  That sale became final December 28, 2012, making Brian Winn and Annice Stephens the new partner owners of Larcon.

When Larcon Electric, L.C. opened its doors, it began with small jobs and electrical work.  The largest project in those earlier days was a $50,000 electrical job at the new Monterey Station Post Office.  With very little cash flow at the time, Larry made a deal with his project material supplier, Fields and Company, that he could pay them only as soon as he received payment from the General Contractor.  Fields and Company agreed, and in so doing, offered Larcon Electric a boost into a successful business. The company has since obtained the capability to bid electrical projects up to $1,000,000 and more, and has earned the reputation of being able to complete them with quality and integrity.  They have been involved in the growth of Lubbock in the booming housing market as well as in numerous new commercial ventures, including the Overton Urban Renewal Project, one of the Nation’s largest undertakings of its kind to date.

Invested in the community, employees of Larcon Electric are members of the Texas Tech University Red Raider Club, Lubbock Apartment Association, Independent Electrical Contractors, and local churches.  The company also sponsors Lubbock Little League Baseball since 2001.

Larry Anderson passed away July 24, 2012.  He will be truly missed.  But his legacy continues in the business he built, as his great work ethic and stubborn sensibility in regards to right and wrong are still maintained as the guiding factors in Larcon Electric today.

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